In early May, my wife Jennifer told me that she, Karen, and Carissa had everything planned for the Mother-Daughter event on Thursday, May 11th. She booked the food from Chicken Salad Chick but would not give me many details. When I saw the invitation, I wondered what the “unique flower experience” would be. However, it remained a mystery until I learned what they were shopping for.

For “crafty” mothers and daughters, the evening was a hit! It was designed for mothers by mothers. We asked what the ladies may want for future events, and many said they wanted to do this again.

While I appreciate all the thank you cards and emails, I did very little. The ladies took care of everything!

We also had a big crowd on May 6th at the Lookouts game. We ordered up great weather and a win!

It was a fun-filled month as we fellowshipped with all the families at the Lookouts and a fantastic, flowerful evening meeting many Mothers and Daughters we had not met before.


If only I could tell the mothers from the daughters in the pictures below!

Thank you for sharing your families with us!

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