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WealthFit™ Planning for Lifelong Financial Fitness

Discovery  -  Put your dreams on paper so we can work to make them a reality.

Do you have a clear vision for what you want your future to look like? We will discuss what is important to you and your spouse, or significant other, including goals, concerns and financial issues that may need customized strategies. Numbers are important, but who you are, your goals, concerns and unique situation are much more important than financial figures.

Development - Determine our starting point and the available ingredients.

Even if we know where we want to be, we cannot get there until we gain clarity and pinpoint our current location. Before your first appointment, we will send you a confidential profile and a checklist of items you may wish to gather together. In order to give us time to review your information and allow us to make the most effective use of our time in the meeting, you may wish to send or deliver this information to us beforehand.

More information allows us to both understand you better and allows us to make better use of our time together. Usually after our second meeting we have a good feel for your situation and the time commitment. At this point we determine what type of planning is warranted. Please follow this link for more on How Are We Paid?


Design  -  Create blueprints for achieving your goals and living your dreams.

After we have engaged in determining your vision for the future and pinpointed our starting point, we can then start creating your blueprints for achieving your goals and living out your dreams. We believe in taking whatever time is necessary to develop your personal plan after the initial "discovery" meeting. This involves educating you on the what and why behind the necessary steps needed to get you closer to your desired future. Incremental steps are often necessary to make progress and as such we provide you with an implementation timeline and financial fitness checklist to chart our progress.

Delivery  - Make continued progress toward achieving your goals and dreams in all aspects.

Much like physical fitness requires ongoing conditioning and work to stay physically fit, ongoing updates and attention to your financial situation is required to stay financially fit. Through our regular proactive meetings we assess the progress of your goals on an ongoing basis. We work as a team to deliver regular communication, ongoing fun and educational events and track your progress along the WealthFit™ Meter.