Thinking Outside the Box when Gardening & Investing

Jennifer and I enjoyed visiting Belize, and avoiding the cold rainy weather in Tennessee for a couple of weeks was a welcome change. When the doctors told us we could not leave for another four days after Jennifer recovered from her medical issues, we took advantage of the chance to see more of the country. […]

Happy, Healthy & Financially Wise

“Every single relationship, business and educational outcome improves when the brain is positive first. If you cultivate happiness while in the midst of your struggles, work, at school, while unemployed or single, you increase your chances of attaining all the goals you are pursuing, including happiness.”  – Shawn Achor When it rains, it pours! Especially […]

Which Body Looks Healthier?

Are We Too Obsessed with Our Weight and Waistlines? All too often the media and even medical professionals tell us that thinner and lighter is better.  As can be seen from the pictures above, most would agree this is not always the case.  Many world class athletes regularly weigh in at levels considered moderately overweight […]

It’s Time to Talk About Aging

We are all, inexorably, marching toward old age. By 2030, 72 million Americans will be age 65 or older.1 The good news is longevity has been improving, and people are remaining healthy and vibrant at older ages. The bad news is cultural perceptions of ‘old’ people have not kept pace. A 2016 analysis by the World Health […]

What Christmas Means for Us

For our kids Christmas is a time to eat lots of sweets, decorate the tree and  eagerly await the day when they can receive the presents they most dearly desire.  Each year brings new joys and different experiences. Last year, Sydney developed a crisis of confidence with regard to her belief in Santa Claus.  We […]

Do you have a loved one with a disability?

Sometimes the government gets things right. Recently, federal legislation has created a new investment vehicle called ‘ABLE Accounts’ (Achieving a Better Life Experience) to help families save for future expenses related the needs of a loved one with a long-term disability. For the first time, eligible individuals will be allowed to establish savings accounts that do not affect […]

Turning Death, Divorce, and Multiple Lawsuits … Into a Positive Experience

Eight years ago this weekend my father passed away in a horrible car crash. My brother Tim and I worked diligently to settle items in the estate, closing down a plastic surgery practice, dealing with fallout from various business interests, winding up the domestic relations order from his recent divorce and working through the probate […]