Our Global Income Portfolios


Franklin Global Income Portfolios

We have a long track record of providing Global Income Strategies for our clients by investing in US domiciled companies and foreign companies through the use of American Depository Receipts on U.S. Exchanges. This has been expanded in recent years to include owning foreign companies directly on local exchanges as well.

For those wishing to invest directly in companies on foreign exchanges, this is available in our Global Income Portfolios through our association with Interactive Brokers.

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Global Income Portfolio Management

Step 1: Create dynamic diversified equity income portfolios based on asset and sector classes where we see improving fundamentals, momentum and compelling, stable dividend yields.

Step 2: Monitor and evaluate existing valuations, momentum factors and yields for continued adjustment of portfolio allocations.

Step 3: Utilize multiple quantitative analysis tools to optimize our buy/sell decision-making process.

Step 4: Track and monitor various catalysts to help enhance the investment entry and exit decision process.

Step 5: Reassess portfolio cash flows and family risk parameters as often as every 6 months in concert with our tax strategy.