Profit & Protect Investment Process


Profit & Protect Investment Process

The number and diversity of investment choices available today are staggering. The days of simply buying and holding a portfolio of stocks, bonds or other investments are long gone. Now, you must choose from dozens of asset classes with broad diversification that may help strengthen your portfolio against today’s extreme market volatility.

The Franklin Wealth Management investment models are discretionary managed accounts that allow us to pro-actively adjust to market conditions. Enjoy the difference of working with a Fee-Only wealth management firm and relax knowing that many of the brokerage conflicts and proprietary product issues have been eliminated.

Profit & Protect Investment Process

Step 1: Create dynamic diversified portfolios based on asset and sector classes where we see improving fundamentals, value and momentum.

Step 2: Monitor and evaluate non-proprietary investment vehicles for utilization in your portfolios.

Step 3: Utilize multiple quantitative analysis tools to optimize our buy/sell decision-making process.

Step 4: Track and monitor various catalysts to help enhance the investment entry and exit decision process.

Step 5: Reassess portfolio cash flows and family risk parameters as often as every 6 months in concert with our tax strategy.