Franklin Wealth Management Ideal Client


The Franklin Wealth Ideal Client

Our clients consider us a valuable resource for their friends, family, and co-workers when it comes to investing and planning their financial futures.
We welcome the opportunity to help and continue to add capacity to ensure our current clients continue to get the service they expect when they introduce others.

Our clients often seek to:

  • Maximize After-Tax Retirement Cash Flow
  • Make sure money lasts throughout retirement
  • Ensure a Lasting Legacy with a focus on Multi-Generational Stewardship
  • Enable fulfilled “Purpose”, utilizing their Time, Talent and Treasures.

The Franklin Wealth Management Ideal Client:​

  • Appreciates and is willing to follow and implement our advice. Is a joy to work with.
  • Seeks a win /win relationship ensuring the engagement will be profitable for all parties involved.
  • Is passionate about their goals and realizes that achieving them requires time, resources and planning.
  • Understands that their time is valuable and is looking to build a team of experts to complement their unique abilities.
  • Enjoys the simplicity, freedom and confidence that comes from having their financial assets under the watchful eye of a trusted advisor.
  • Appreciates transparency, delegates well, and is comfortable with our compensation model & business approach.
  • Understands the importance of thorough planning, considering both big picture concepts and details.
  • Has faith in our staff and Core Values.

Confidential Pre-meeting Profile

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