Core Investment Beliefs


Core Investment Principles

Learn the difference between working with Fee-Only Certified Financial Planners who act as Fiduciaries within an advisory relationship where the clients needs come first rather than just considering what is suitable enough to check the box and be able to purchase products. Although Franklin Wealth Management is headquartered in Tennessee, we serve clients across the nation. Our experienced, dedicated wealth management team works with select families, institutions, business owners and retirees.
  • Flexible portfolio construction – Our models are designed for a variety of different risk profiles and investment preferences.
  • Adapt to major changes in market conditions – Our discipline provides for proactive changes in investment allocations to profit during calm periods & protect during the turbulent times.
  • Prepare portfolios – positioning based upon the current secular outlook but be ready for anything that may impact us cyclically.
  • Total Return approach (instead of yield reaching) – Even with our Income Portfolio we will pare back the yield on occasion to protect the portfolio.
  • Avoid the big loss at all costs – We would rather give up some upside to be able to protect on the downside with our portfolios.

Asset Classes and Sectors

Using our managed accounts, you’ll gain access to a broadly diversified list of asset classes and investment sectors. Since our worldwide economy is dynamic, this list of investment options changes on a regular basis. We are continuously monitoring the investment landscape to identify tomorrow’s winners today.

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