Unique Services

The Fee Only Fiduciary Experience

Unique Services

Enjoy the difference of working with a fee-only planner and relax knowing that many of the brokerage conflicts and proprietary product issues have been eliminated. Learn the difference between working with Fee-Only Certified Financial Planners who act as Fiduciaries within an advisory relationship where the clients needs come first rather than just considering what is suitable enough to check the box and be able to purchase products. Although Franklin Wealth Management is headquartered in Tennessee, we serve clients across the nation. Our experienced, dedicated wealth management team works with select families, institutions, business owners and retirees.

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Easy (K) - 401k Management Services

For those clients who wish us to manage 401k assets, we have developed a program to be able to regularly rebalance and update 401k portfolios with little to no ongoing involvement from clients.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Global Income Portfolios

We have a long track record of providing Global Income Strategies for our clients by investing in US domiciled companies and foreign companies through the use of American Depository Receipts on U.S. Exchanges. This has been expanded in recent years to include owning foreign companies directly on local exchanges as well.

For those wishing to invest directly in companies on foreign exchanges, this is available in our Global Income Portfolios through our association with Interactive Brokers.

Some annuities provide many features which are beneficial to clients, but we find many cases where individuals have bought something that sounded good at the time but has been underperforming due to excessive costs and does not provide all they were hoping for.  In these cases, they may be in need of an Annuity Rescue.

Lazy Dollar Solutions

If you ever become less than impressed with the rates you are getting on cash at the bank, take a look at our Cash Max options.  Through our association with TD Ameritrade we are able to offer some of the highest interest-bearing savings accounts in the country with automatic optimization of the interest rates across 9 banks to ensure your funds are earning the highest interest.  Total FDIC insurance per individual is $2.25 Million.  For a couple, this protection increases to $4.5 Million currently.