Which of the Four Are You?

All of us are innately wired to react certain ways when it comes to making investment decisions.  Some of us are spenders while others are savers.  Some are thrill seekers while others prefer to play it safe.  Each of these personalities has good qualities and areas for improvement.  We’ve found that being “self-aware” is the first step […]

College Funding 101

Like many Tennessee residents, you may have found yourself doing a bit of shopping last weekend. Tennessee’s annual “Sales Tax Holiday” is a great time to load up on clothes, school supplies, and other necessities for the kids and grandkids. This annual event held during the last weekend in July signals the end of Summer […]

It’s Time to Talk About Aging

We are all, inexorably, marching toward old age. By 2030, 72 million Americans will be age 65 or older.1 The good news is longevity has been improving, and people are remaining healthy and vibrant at older ages. The bad news is cultural perceptions of ‘old’ people have not kept pace. A 2016 analysis by the World Health […]

Lessons from Jack Nicklaus

A few weeks back, Jennifer and I took our kids to Boca Raton for spring break.  This break just happened to coincide with an LPL Financial trip rewarding its top ten percent of financial advisors and it was the kids first trip of this kind since Sydney and Jack were little.  I enjoyed getting to […]

Freedom and Faith Revisited

The Franklin Family at the base of the Statue of Liberty, Facing the Freedom Tower. Last month, Jennifer and I took the family to New York and Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation’s independence. We always like to take the kids places to see first-hand what they have been studying in school.  Being a part of […]

Laddering versus Chunking

Many times clients come to us to find a better rate than what their bank is offering when a CD is coming due.  Sometimes they are looking for the best short term rate because they fear interest rates are going up and want to have the money available sooner rather than later.  Other times they […]

Is a “Back Door” Roth IRA Right for You?

Have you ever known something was right for you and been told you couldn’t have it? It can be pretty frustrating. Many high-income earners, who would like to contribute directly to Roth accounts, cannot do so because of IRS income limits. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for high-earners to reap the benefits associated with […]

Plan Early, Plan Smart

The old adage goes, “the early bird gets the worm.” The same rings true of financial independence. Those that start young are more likely to build substantial wealth over the course their lifetime. Those that wait may end up being forced to make concessions on their standard of living during retirement. Millennials are faced with […]

Family Finances When Dad’s Losing His Grip

I recently wrote this article for Money Magazine.  Follow this link to view it. The unedited version is below: Just the other day, the daughter of a client of mine told me that she did not expect her father to last much longer.  I had known that her father’s health had deteriorated somewhat, but he still […]