Finding Freedom

This week we choose to honor our fathers and our founding fathers prior to Independence Day. I choose to remember my father for the great things he taught me.  He taught me to learn from my mistakes, to continually make improvements and to learn and grow personally and professionally.  He taught me that learning does […]

The Power of Choice & The Pace of Change

Founder and former CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph spoke at to a group of us last week about the power of ideas and entrepreneurism at the annual Excell meeting in Las Vegas.  It was refreshing to hear which experiences have shaped his thinking and most importantly how he has learned much more from his failures […]

Attorneys Win: Inherited IRAs Lose Protection

Last Thursday in our Inherited IRA Workshop we discussed how the Supreme Court has determined that some retirement accounts should no longer be considered retirement accounts. In June, a ruling written by Judge Sonia Sotomayor determined that Heidi Heffron-Clark, who inherited an IRA from her mother in 2001 and filed for bankruptcy nine years later, could not shield […]