Lost in a Foreign Land

What Do the Beatles Have to Do with Any of This? Imagine you are arriving in a new country where you do not know the language.  You wander around the airport for nearly an hour trying to find the best way to the central train station.  A nice person informs you there is a small […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Nothing Can Replace Meeting Face to Face Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, I remember the old commercials that promoted keeping up with family and other loved ones.   The commercials were designed to inspire us to grow closer together through the use of the telephone.  When my grandparents were still living, we would talk […]

The Power of Choice & The Pace of Change

Founder and former CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph spoke at to a group of us last week about the power of ideas and entrepreneurism at the annual Excell meeting in Las Vegas.  It was refreshing to hear which experiences have shaped his thinking and most importantly how he has learned much more from his failures […]