The Wonder of Christmas


Christmas for our kids has changed a lot over the years.  It’s still time to decorate the house and the tree, eat lots of cookies & sweets and spend time with loved ones.  We still get to enjoy giving, playing games and spending quality time together and we want them to truly experience the love that inspires this season through us and remembering the birth of our Savior.

                                                                                                                                                 I still relish the wonder our kids feel on Christmas morning.  The times are gone when they would wake us up at the crack of dawn.  Our kids slept late this year and it was nice to not be quite as tired on Christmas morning.


Sydney is now sixteen and we have started looking at colleges.  This past week when we visited with her aunt Heather in Virginia, she decided she may want to start looking at a few options in and around Williamsburg.  She is no longer embarrassed that she is taller than her mother and appreciates that Jack is now taller than she is.

Jack is enjoying the 9th grade at McCallie.  He discovered crew this year and has enjoyed the camaraderie working together with the rest of the team to push their limits together.  He looks to continue rowing in the spring.  Jack may soon be taller than everyone else in the family including the TBR, Uncle Tim.  

Walker is now in the 6th grade at McCallie, and both Jack and Walker are enjoying guitar.  Dr. McCallie has expressed to us how quickly Walker picks up musical concepts and even commented to Jack that his brother was “stupid good” at guitar.  Walker still enjoys building things and we will be spending a lot of time building his new computer desk over the holidays. 

This year we took the kids to Nevis, Costa Rica and colonial Williamsburg for the first time.  Although Jennifer gets frustrated when they want to sleep in and miss out on everything they could experience on our trips, I think they will remember these experiences for years to come.  We are thankful our kids still enjoy going on trips with us and hopefully this will never change.   I still enjoy taking them on these “Learning Expeditions” where they can experience new things, pick up a little history and build lasting memories.  Hopefully these memories form the basis for many more good years to come where they enjoy spending time as a family at home and abroad. 


This season we want to impress upon our children the joy of giving.  We get to experience all the joy that comes from seeing that you have been able to brighten someone’s day.  We also want to impress upon them the true meaning of Christmas.  Many years ago, a great sacrifice was made so that those who accept the gift can enjoy the most beautiful present we could ever desire.  Likewise, we make smaller sacrifices for our family, friends and other loved ones so they can enjoy our gifts. 

We think of you as our extended family.  Whether we’ve known each other for two or over twenty years, we always want to maintain that closeness.   We want to let you know that we cherish your membership in the Franklin family and wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.


With Warm Thoughts,


Joe & Jennifer


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