12 Keys to God Centered Goals

Not long ago I was cleaning out the closet in my basement and found a binder that contained the goals I had set for myself when I was in my twenties. I remember going through the Tony Robbins personal power cassette tapes and listening to these over and over at home and in the car. I remember when I set aside a morning to “think big” and come up with goals for all areas of my life.  At the time I thought I was thinking big, but it turns out that, although I may not have achieved all the goals in the timeframe I had set for myself, some I achieved much sooner, and others I achieved later.  Looking back, I surpassed all these goals from my twenties by the time I was in my thirties. My goals at the time seem somewhat elementary to me today, as I have children who may be soon striving for much of what I was striving for then. I had no wife, no children, and few savings. I had dropped out of school, started and ran a business that was profitable, but later shut it down to pursue other avenues. I had never bought a house, much less a building. I had no employees and no bills to speak of, although this had definitely been the case before I moved back home to finish school. I was starting with a belief that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to with enough hard work and the right framework, and it proved true for me.

Those who achieve their goals don’t just casually say that it would be nice if they could get in shape, get out of debt, get sober, escape their circumstances, become their own boss and live the life they’ve designed…

They Make It Happen!

#1 Make it a MUST

There has to be some part of you that turns the goal into a must rather than a should. If it’s a should, it gets done when its easy. If it’s a must, it gets done no matter what. It’s not about the goal, it’s about who you become to achieve the goal.

The difference between should and must is reasons! How is the wrong question. As Tony Robbins says, “Watch out for the Tyranny of how. Don’t start with how. It will shut down your capacity. Start with what and why and get that so strong. Then start brainstorming and ‘There’s a million How’s.’”

Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our long-term goals. Ray Dalio likes to talk about how he reframes setbacks and obstacles to become the building blocks for him reaching the next level. He has reprogrammed his thinking to get excited about the setbacks and problems, because in solving these it forms the basis for him reaching the next level.

#2 Write it Down

Many have heard about the Yale study where they took the graduating class and looked at those in the class who had goals that were written down and had plans to achieve them. They found 20 years later that the 3% who had done this were worth more in financial terms than the other 97% combined.

It’s the 3% who start sooner, push boundaries, raise standards, consistently review their written goals and commit to constant and never-ending improvement that consistently achieve more than the 97% of the population combined. It’s not about how smart you are. It’s about a big enough why and the faith to write down your goals, determine the steps it will take, and recruit the right “who’s” to figure out how to make it happen.

#3 WHY is most important

Growing up, I was driven to achieve by my dad. He had high standards and I had to work hard to achieve these. Later, I wanted to break free, become my own man and break out of his shadow. Freedom had always been the biggest driver for me in my life. For a long time, Braveheart was my favorite movie. I even have the Braveheart sword hanging on the wall in my home.


My new favorite movie is Amazing Grace about the life of William Wilberforce. I’d encourage anyone who is searching for purpose and where God is calling him or her to watch this film or read the book. I was searching for my God given purpose: praying, reading scripture, writing my future obituary and listening for that still small voice to tell me where God wanted me to be. At a Kingdom Advisor’s conference just before the pandemic, Eric Metaxas spoke about how William Wilberforce felt called to do more for God. His friends, associates and mentors persuaded him that he could both serve God and serve in Parliament. It was not that he could do one or the other. He realized that God had him in the right position at the right time to be able to abolish the slave trade in England and affect change in many areas of British society.

When I read the book and watched the video, I was emotionally moved. It brought me to tears. I realized that if Wilberforce could do both, serving God and serving as a politician, I could also do both, bringing Faith to Finance.

It may be that you have been searching for your why and your purpose. God may have you exactly where he wants you. Search out His will. Listen for that still small voice and the call of the Holy Spirit within you to move and share where God wants you. Find your Why and your Purpose and you have found the Rocket Fuel for your future.


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