10X is Easier than Two Times

I used to travel to Toronto on a quarterly basis for Dan Sullivan’s 10X Transformation sessions with entrepreneurs from all over the world.  The reason 10X is easier than 2X stems from upgrading our thinking, working smarter rather than harder to achieve more.  The path to 2X is likely just going down the same path as before, just faster.  Getting to 10X requires a transformation in your thinking.  You have to become the person that is 10X as effective and can drive to 10X the results and impact in the world as the new you.  But how does God transform us spiritually to be able to 10X our effectiveness for His Kingdom?

#8 Be Transformed for God’s Purpose

Fleas have the most remarkable ability to leap – up to 200 times their length. That’s like a human jumping to the top of the Empire State Building!

So how then do we train fleas not to jump so high or so far?

If you put fleas into a jar and put a lid on it for a period of time (say 3 days), when you remove the lid the fleas will not leap out of it. They continue jumping within in the jar as if the lid were still there. Even though they have the ability to leap higher than several jars stacked on top of each other, their leaping is limited by their past experiences.

What happened to the fleas? Why do they no longer leave the jar? Since a lid was there before, they became conditioned to act as if a lid is still there. So, they are now stuck in the jar.  Even though they have the ability to escape, they have been trained not to try and escape ever again.

What is interesting is that children of these fleas are also conditioned to not jump any higher than the top of the jar.

How many of us have self-imposed limiting beliefs that, like the fleas, hold us back?  For years no-one believed that someone could run faster than a four minute mile, until Roger Bannister did it.  Once he broke the barrier, many others followed.

Take time to assess what areas of your life you feel you have held yourself back by limiting beliefs.  How can you move past this?

Improve Your Self Image

Why is it that many times people lose a lot of weight and then just gain it all right back?   Many times this is because they have an image of themselves as someone that is overweight.  The image we have of ourselves makes the biggest difference in whether we will achieve our goals or not.  What you tell yourself makes a huge difference.

God wants to transform us into an image of Christ and help us break free of these limiting beliefs and fake barriers to success.

What God wants for us is more than material prosperity.  His reward can be on this earth, but it is also an eternal reward, much more powerful than any earthly reward.

Some people say that the guy who dies with the most toys wins, but how do you win?  You can’t take it with you.  It’s the things you do to have an impact on the world and help others, the things you do for God that earns you the eternal rewards in heaven.  These are the things that never go away.

We are all transformed throughout our lives to become more, but God may not have us where He would like us to be yet.  Humans follow through on who they believe they are.  How you identify yourself has more of an impact on your future than you may realize.  Remember who you are.  Stay consistent with your identity as being forgiven and a child of God.  You are worthy to achieve your goals because you are within God’s will, and He is worthy.  When you have retrained your brain, the sky is the limit.

Who do you say “I Am”?

“I Am” is one of the most powerful statements we can make.  Whatever follows “I am” starts the transformation. You may want to tell yourseslf:

I am grateful, giving, faithful, fearless, healthy, fit, accountable, hopeful, responsible, victorious, persistent, wise, forgiven, loved & loving.

I am a winner               I am a leader                 I am a champion         I am a child of God

#9  Put God First

When we think of what priority we place on our relationship with God, where does he stand?  Have we placed Him ahead of our finances, ahead of our career, ahead of our achievements, ahead of our popularity, ahead of our sinful desires?  Have we placed Him ahead of our family?  Some may say that nothing means more to them than their family.  Should you abandon God’s will for you life and achieving something more for Him to spend all your time with your family?  God wants us to do work for Him and raise a family.  These things are not mutually exclusive.  We want to make sure we are accomplishing God’s purpose for our lives.  Are you doing it for Him?  Is it in His will?  Have you been seeking what His purpose is for you?

Are you currently stuck in a rut doing what you’ve always done?  God may be calling you to do something different, to do something more, or it may be that God has you exactly where He wants you.  So do not fear what men can do to you.  Don’t fear you may lose a promotion. Do not fear you may lose your job or someone may cancel you.  God has plans for you.  He wants what is best for you.  If you’re within his will He will protect you.  Do not fear what men can do.  Fear God and fear what can happen in eternity.


#10 Sacrifice NOW to Achieve MORE Later

In studying children and those who grow up to be the most happy and successful in life, psychologists have realized that IQ matters but the ability to delay gratification matters much more.  They looked for one psychological test that could measure future success in life and found that the Marshmallow Test was the most conclusive.

The psychologists placed the kids into a room and sent someone in with them.   They put a marshmallow on the table in front of them and told the kids “You can either have a marshmallow now, or if you wait two hours and you’re good by not eating any of the marshmallow, then we’ll give you two marshmallows.”

They found that those who achieve the most in life don’t take the shortcuts.  Those who waited two hours and waited for the bigger payoff had a lower divorce rate, a higher income and higher status in society.

They are the people that save before they buy things, paying cash instead of going into debt and getting behind.  The ones who delay gratification and give up the quick payoff now for a bigger reward in the future, and an even bigger reward in eternity, come out the most ahead.

Benefits of Suffering

Your suffering may actually be the fuel to help transform you into the man or woman that God wants you to be.  If you’re going through a divorce, it may be that your divorce will help you be a better witness to those that may need you in the future.  If you lose a loved one, it may enable you to help someone else that is grieving in the future.  Anything setbacks that you go through, any suffering can be a foundation for you help others in the future.  You can use all these things for good or you can tell yourself that you’re never going to allow yourself to suffer anything like this again in the future and harden your heart.  God wants you to have an open heart, a soft heart that can reach others and help others.

The Apostle Paul had an affliction and prayed fervently to the Lord for personal healing.  Jesus told him, “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in your weakness.”  God does not promise complete healing in this life.  He wants us to be able to reach others and many times because of our afflictions we can provide a better witness for others and be of better use to Him.

Fasting also allows us to get closer to Him.  It allows us to grow more healthy by turning on the genes that promote healing and ridding the body of waste.  Fasting has been proven by many doctors to be more beneficial than most prescriptions you can get on the market today, and we don’t have to pay for it.  We pray for help and deny our flesh so that healing can take place both physically and spiritually.  When we deny our flesh, we become more in tune with our spirit and can grow closer to God.  Many find answers from Him when they fervently seek Him in fastingmeditation and prayer.  Meditate on His word, pray for answers and deny yourself to show that you are serious about finding solutions and seeking His will.


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