If I were to think of any property to be quarantined over a four to five day period, the Four Seasons in Nevis would make the top of the list. We had over 360 acres to explore with pools, beaches, restaurants, tennis courts and an award winning golf course that runs up the side of the mountain. By the fourth day we’d experienced every hole of the golf course, every pool and most other areas well.

We encountered green turtles, multiple varieties of fish, multicolored reef squid, wild donkeys and long tailed vervet monkeys in our exploration of the grounds. Many locals noted that there are now more monkeys on Nevis than there are people. Jennifer enjoyed watching them the most and we noted a big difference in mindset between the animals and the people, especially yesterday (Thursday the 9th).

We were tested for Covid twice before we were approved to enter the country, had our temperature taken every morning and Covid tested again at the beginning of the fourth full day. We noted that many were anxious when their test results had not returned by dinner time and many grew even more anxious yesterday morning. Many had activities lined up off site and had schedules to keep. We were meeting someone to go touring at 9:00 the next morning and were forced to reschedule. But everything worked out because our guide was very understanding.

The monkeys, donkeys, fish and turtles don’t worry about where they are supposed to be, what they are going to eat, what they are going to wear or what their Covid test results might be. So why do we worry so much? Why do we get anxious rather than having faith that things will work out and take action assuming the best?

I’ve written on “Having Faith”, “Giving Thanks”, “Tracking Wins”, and “Following Happiness Recipes” many times over the past few years. I’ve included links to some of these articles below:

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Something I’ve discovered recently through Ray Dalio’s book Principles is the process of embracing setbacks and hurdles so we can develop new principles for greater success in the future as we are able to embrace and overcome more difficult problems easily. Not everyone is well equipped to handle every part of the process and Dalio is quick to point this out. I find myself well equipped to design solutions to problems as I am strong both analytically and creatively. I also enjoy setting goals and taking action to achieve those goals.

But although it is often easy to identify root problems others are experiencing, it is not always easy to identify root problems we experience ourselves, much less diagnose those problems because our egos all too often make us willfully blind to the things that are holding us back. Team-members, friends, coaches and advisors are always helpful in identifying these “blind spots” that our egos hide from us. Our job is to find someone we can trust and listen to their insights so we can move forward more quickly.

The key is to be committed and have faith. Have faith in yourself, the process, the abundance available through God and the universe around you. This faith is manifested through action and conviction.

Taking massive action is great but getting started is many times the hardest step in the journey. Working out may start with one pushup or stepping onto the treadmill. Prioritizing and doing the hardest things first often proves to provide the best results over time. It’s not easy, but no-one ever said that everything worthwhile is easy.

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