From Setbacks to Comebacks – The Story of Squanto

Deep Valleys form the Base for Future Mountaintop Experiences Whenever we encounter nastiness in our lives, whether it’s a messy divorce or lawsuit, a failed partnership, or a loved one passing away, we often feel demoralized. We want to deny, blame, retreat into our shells and sometimes give up. But many times these setbacks are the very things that God uses for His purpose in our lives. Learn the story of how Squanto being tricked and sold into slavery allowed him to be a Godsend for the Pilgrims in Plymouth , allowed them to broker peace with the Native Americans and develop the Mayflower Compact. Without the Pilgrims and Squanto’s knowledge of English, survival tactics and Native American customs we would likely not have the nation and the Constitution we have today in the United States. We can all be Thankful for Squanto.

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